Podcasts to Listen to While Creating Websites

Photo by Ahmed Hirsi on Unsplash
Photo by Ahmed Hirsi on Unsplash

You may already have a few websites and books you turn to for inspiration for web design. But what about podcasts? There are tons of great shows for web designers that can help spark your creativity and help you stay current on the latest news and trends. To help you get started, we’ve listed some of our favorites below!

Design Matters

For over ten years, the podcasts have been churning out great content, making it one of the longest-running podcasts on this list. Design Matters with Debbie Millman interviews creative experts, from graphic designers to writers, musicians, and artists, providing essential insights into their business practices and artistic processes.

The Honest Designer’s Show

The Honest Designers Show began as a conversation between friends and grew to become a popular web design podcast with over 100 episodes of quality content. Just as its title suggests, the show is an honest look into what it’s like to be a designer and what is required to make it in the industry, including essential lessons on networking, burnout, social media, etc.

Design Recharge

Begun in 2014, Design Recharge is a great web design podcast for learning how to create a work-life balance and re-stoke your creative fire when feeling blocked. Host Diane Gibbs gives audiences a dose of inspiration every week, meeting with featured guests to discuss design topics and answer listeners’ questions.

Adventures in Design

Want more than a weekly update? Adventures in Design is an everyday morning show focusing on designers’ productivity and purpose. Since its launch in 2013, the show has had over 300 guests, making for hundreds of hours of unique and entertaining content for you to enjoy.

He Shoots, He Draws

In 2018, after eight years of friendship, Dave Clayton and Glyn Dewis came together to share their experiences working in the industry. They created He Shoots; He Draws, a podcast dedicated to the life, Graphic Design, business, and creativity.

The Reflex Blue Show

Combining pop culture and graphic Design, The Reflex Blue Show is a unique web design podcast with Donovan Beery on 36Point.com. For many years, the podcast has featured several guests, such as Jessica Hische and Stefan Sagmeister, and now has more than 100 episodes.

The Deep End Design

The Deep End Design is an excellent source for practical advice, whether you’re an in-house designer or a freelancer. Hosted by Wes McDowell, Mikelle Morrison, and Nick Longo, every show’s episode covers a wide range of topics. He answers listener-submitted questions, keeping things fresh, engaging, and informative with tips and tricks for success in the graphic design industry.

Design Domination

For all those freelance graphic designers out there, Design Domination is a great choice. The show focuses not only on Design but on the aspects of conducting a good business and skills for landing clients. The show’s host, Colleen Gratzer, uses her over 25 years of experience to provide tips and tricks she’s learned throughout her career to make a living as a freelance designer.

Biz Buds

Hosted by two entrepreneurs, Biz Buds is also an incredibly inspiring and informative show for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Every week, Tom Ross and Mike Janda talk about their experiences and advice on transforming their freelance design careers into seven-figure businesses.

The Design of Business | The Business of Design

Hosted by Design Observer’s Jessica Helfand and Pentagram’s Michael Beirut, Design of Business or Business of Design looks into Design in a corporate environment. This podcast features talks with designers and clients in various industries. The show is excellent for those working or interested in working in major companies and organizations.

99% Invisible

For even more thought-provoking inspiration, 99% Invisible adopts an exciting take on Design, delving into the idea of the beauty we walk by every day, unnoticed. With more than 300 episodes to enjoy, the show, hosted by Roman Mars, covers many topics that will catch any designer’s interest, from flag design to inflatable men in parking lots.

North V South

British designers, in particular, will want to check out North v. South, a podcast hosted by two graphic designers from — you guessed it — the North and South of England. The two discuss several topics on their show, from books and technology to design tips and illustrations.

Conclusion on the Best Web Design Podcasts

Getting ideas from other specialists always helps see things from a fresh perspective. Being a web designer in the modern market is challenging due to the high level of competition in every single niche. While best practices and principles certainly help drive progress in the industry, understanding what business owners need, what web users want to see, and how to weave all of that into one website can require considerable effort from you as a web design specialist. But, when you have a reliable frame of reference — more than one — you can always generate a unique point of view that will help you find the approach to every customer and every website you create. Podcasts are a great source of new information and professional opinion, even if they aren’t precisely designed tutorials.

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